Victoria with Pigeon in France

  Victoria Stevens is an American actress and writer. She started her acting career at age 12. She began performing in musicals at Camden County College and then graduated with a Bachelors in R/T/F Communications from Rowan University. From there, she booked one of her dream jobs working for Disney. She is an actress, known for Copycat Killers (2019), Fight Valley (2016), and Hell House (2015). Besides acting, Victoria is a sketch performer, hip hop dancer, and is certified in unarmed fighting. Her passion is to become a series regular on a sitcom and a lead character in a cop drama. Victoria has been focusing her time on becoming a bi-coastal actress with representation on both coasts. Victoria is also a head writer for the Hollywood Times and a judge for the Hoboken Film Festival along with Katra Film Festival.

Branding Statement: Quirky, offbeat, Dungeons + Dragons type girl who is very smart and inexperienced with men. She is a little socially awkward but always has the best intentions so we root for.

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