Justin Timberlake Concert

I just finished working the Justin Timberlake Concert at the Wells Fargo Center and it was amazing. I enjoyed working with my crew and I even had a chance to go in the VIP section to watch the concert. The pictures I took were absolutely amazing because I was so close. I was very blessed today to have been chosen for this opportunity. I know that it is not in my acting field, but when you are trying to make connections to work your way up to the top, you never know which job leads you to that opportunity. I like to take life one day at a time and enjoy these little moments. I know that life can be rough and sometimes you are not always where you want to be, but that just means you are still prepping for that big moment. Standing there, staring up at Justin and looking at the smile on his face, I can see that he truly loves what he does. That is what I want to be like when I finally find where I want to be in my career. Smiling and Happy!!

Justin Timberlake 6

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