Feeling so Blessed

I had such a busy weekend with shooting two completely different projects and both days were 10 hour days. I am just so blessed to be able to follow my dreams and do what I love to do.

I went to church today and one thing stood out to me about the message- God is behind everything that happens to us and what we are blessed with. Therefore, I have to give all the credit to the Lord who has made both of these productions possible for me to be included in. Without His guidance and protection, I would not be here following my dreams and being the actress I am today. I want to stay humble and be a big help on set because we are all the same from the PA’s up to the Producers. No one is better than another and we all have to work together to make a film possible. The only difference is that the audience sees the actors but they do not get to see the hard working team behind the camera.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for taking me this far and please keep me on the right path from this day forward.

Until next time, stay strong and keep hope alive.

Dollies Film Shoot

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