A Great Experience

It has been a while since I blogged because of the numerous amounts of auditions that sprung up in the last couple of weeks. I was blessed to audition again for Pat Moran in Baltimore, Maryland, for Kathy Wickline in Philadelphia, for Debra Markowitz in Long Island and many more. I loved each audition and was so excited to be able to play again. Being on set is one of the best feelings in the world to me and it is wonderful to meet new actors and directors. After my audition in Long Island I decided to let myself enjoy life by going to the beach with my best friend Tom Pryor. I went to Jones Beach and it was way different from Ocean City. There were a few seagulls but they actually left you alone. There were only a few stores that you came upon when you walked on the board walk. However we did stubble upon a free concert and watched older couples swing dance which was entertaining. That is one of the dance forms I have not yet learned so it was harder for me to jump on that bandwagon and dance.  Well it was a great night and I enjoyed myself. Now saving up to go to Ocean City in August where I am going to suntan and play in the waves with Benji.


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