Wedding Day Craziness

It’s the day every woman dreams about and hopes will be her one day of pure joy and remembrance.  Well my sister’s wedding day didn’t happen as well as she had dreamed. My sister finally got the guest list finalized, the church set in place, the rehearsal dinner taken care of, and then her phone rang. It was the reception place and she finds out that they can no longer use it because of the capacity of the gym. This was two weeks before her wedding day and she was so frazzled. Well I wanted my sister to have a day that she would never forget so I went up to her new house and we drove around to find another location. With God’s guidance we found a historical society site which allowed us to use their property for her wedding day. It was all outside,which my sister wanted, and I had enough money in my account to cover the cost. It was a beautiful location with a beach and a gazebo, which my sister used for her first dance.

However the day before the wedding ended up to be crazy. Trying to figure out how to set up three tents that kept on blowing down because of the wind and rain, the tables blowing over, trying to keep the chairs dried over night, and also trying to figure out how to keep the table setting on each table. It was definitely a day to remember. At least the porta potties came right on time. Emotions were flying and tears were coming but everyone pushed through and the wedding was set on a beautifully sunny day with clouds in the sky for shade. It was very beautiful and she got all the pictures that she wanted.

What have I learned from this experience. I learned that I never want to get married. I am already stressed out enough with my acting that I do not need another added on stress. I learned that I am a good dancer which I proved at her wedding. However what I learned above all that is that without God directing everything, this wedding would not have happened. I am thankful that my sister is happy and that she now has a husband who understands and loves her. That is a blessing in itself.


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