Made a Huge Mistake

Today’s post is kinda of an apology to a close friend as well as a warning for other actors out there. A few days ago my accountability partner booked a great co-star role on a TV show which allowed her to join SAG. I should have been so excited for her and thrilled that one of us got a small break in our careers but instead I was miserable and jealous beyond belief. Even though we both did the same marketing techniques to stay remembered it worked for her and not myself. This was my thought process and instead of my accountability partner feeling happy and getting a chance to feel pure joy, she started to feel terrible because her great news brought my energy down so much.

I am sad to say that it took me two days to fully come to my senses and pick myself back up and get back in the game. I felt so bad with the way I acted and I am writing to help other fellow actors not fall into the trap I did. There are many jobs out there for everyone and we are not in competition with each other. We are supposed to help each other out and keep each other’s energies positive. I know how hard this industry can be and how the waiting game gets harder every year our big break doesn’t show up. I get it, I really do. I am here to say that its in those moments of waiting that I feel God does His best work. I am sometimes angry with God because I am very impatient but at the end of the day, God has already planned out my career and I just have to follow the path He has put me on. I am a Christian and this helps me get through this waiting period because I know that God helps me everyday with the struggle. I know the acting business is probably one of the hardest fields to get into because your emotions are attached to each job that you book and ones that you don’t book, but just remember it is a journey and not a race. I am now so happy for her and her great co-star role and that is because she still stayed my friend and accountability partner through the rocky road. That is the type of friend you need in this industry. The one who will over look your mistakes and help you see the positive in everything.

I am thankful for her everyday and I am glad we are helping each other out each step of the way. Keep looking forward and never let your negative feelings and jealousy take you out of the game. Sometimes when you let these feelings control you, the business will move on without you and then where will you be?

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