If You Want To Change Your Situation, Then You Have To Get Over Your Fear!

I am writing this blog because it has been put on my heart to help other actors, creators, and individuals who struggle with fear look beyond their fear and push through.

I am an actress who is being suffocated  by fear on a daily basis. Many days I wake up knowing that the fears will come flooding in and will try to paralyze me from taking the needed steps that will advance my career. I know that my fear and my own beliefs are the reasons why I have not succeeded as an actress yet.

At first, I used to ignore it and try to still push and take classes with casting directors and agents like I was told to do. However, what I did not realize is my fears couldn’t be ignored and they would show up in my performances every time. I would hold my acting back because I was too nervous to boldly go where I needed to go with my characters. If only I had released expectations and the need to please everyone then I would have shown my true acting chops.

Realizing that I couldn’t ignore my fears I tried to beat them by talking back to them. It did not quite work, since what really happened when I tried this was that I started lashing out on loved ones who I felt were strong and in control of their lives. I would start feeling jealous and very angry with actors who made it in the industry. Then I would just get depressed and end right back where I started.

Taking advice from people who cared about me, I started going to counseling to figure out how to conquer these fears once and for all. Of course, the first step was to start naming the fears and changing my mindset around these fears. Most of my fears have not happened and they are just fears that keep me in my comfort zone. However, to be able to be happy and successful, you can not stay in your comfort zone. You have to take a leap of faith and walk out on the water.


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